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Energy efficiency in Swiss style

Января 31, 2014

Is it possible to increase productivity without increasing power consumption? How to use rationally heat produced in the production process? Is it possible to reduce heating costs for administrative offices without compromising comfort? Is it necessary to create own commercial power park for economy?

Unlike Russia - oil and gas superpower - problem of energy sources shortages in Switzerland was initially sharp, since the inception of the industry. Small Switzerland achieved global economic recognition just largely through energy efficiency.
Today that's Swiss association of manufacturers of engineering, electrical and metal industry SWISSMEM which plays significant role in the practical implementation of energy efficiency ideology. The Association includes about a thousand Swiss companies working in the field of mechanical engineering, electric power and other related industries, including industrial equipment suppliers and service companies.
Under the auspices of SWISSMEM there is optimization and cooperation of production processes, there is ensured access of Swiss manufacturers to the international market. In Russia that’s Swiss Business Assistance Center at the Swiss Embassy in Moscow (Swiss Business Hub Russia) which helps to communicate with this Association.
Russian companies are actively looking for answers to the questions related to energy efficiency and conservation. This search is not only due to the growing awareness of the need to limit the harmful effects on the environment, but also economic calculations and predictions. After all, systemic saving energy resources and implementation of energy-saving technologies allow modern facility to significantly reduce production costs and achieve competitiveness.
Therefore, the successful solution of the energy efficiency problem is the focus of industrial companies. In the current economic reality it is the starting point for the development of enterprises in any industry.
The so-called eco-design - this is a key principle of design and subsequent operation of the Swiss equipment. To achieve maximum productivity with minimum operating costs, it is necessary to take into account the energy and environmental performance still at the design stage. With this it's simulated the entire life cycle of the future product: production - operation - recovery.
Thus, eco-design provides a manufacturing process based on the technology with a reduced level of resource consumption, optimal waste and emissions, minimal negative impact on the environment. 
With this approach, the Swiss companies have been successfully working at the Russian market for many years. And it's not just about giants such as ABB, but also a number of small and medium-sized enterprises, which form the basis of the Swiss economy. Overall success depends on the level of professional cooperation and mutual understanding between business partners.
A major source of energy for the most part as Swiss and Russian industry is electricity. And in this the following comparison is illustratory. Efficiency of power plants built in the 1940-80's usually does not exceed 35-40%. Modern combined cycle power units and gas turbine energy units allow you to increase this rate to 60%. Fuel flow rate for production of 1kW/h is reducing to 330 g of reference fuel and even less. Use the remaining heat for hot water of different objects brings efficiency combined cycle power units to 90%.
This is clearly confirmed, for example, by the modernization of the boiler in Tomsk. Here in January 2013 there was commissioned a gas turbine unit TBM-T130 Swiss production Turbomach. Generated electricity significantly expanded the possibilities of Tomsk power system, and the increase of heat supply allowed to change the boiler from peak-standby to base mode of operation. Besides generating equipment Turbomach has used Swiss booster process equipment of Enerproject in the reconstruction of power plant.
Effective use of Swiss equipment and technology in Russia is possible in close cooperation between Swiss designers and Russian specialists. After all, in fact, when equipped Russian energy facilities Swiss manufacturers are facing a number of challenges.
Often, costs of modernization are considered by the management as too high, or plans to improve energy efficiency are secondary to other investment projects, and the payback period is estimated as not meeting short-term objectives of the enterprise.
However, electricity is one of the main items of expenditure, and energy efficiency is the most important component of economic success of the company. It is possible to find acceptable solution for both sides through constructive dialogue between the Swiss and Russian colleagues. Only such professional cooperation taking into account the realities and needs of Russia leads to the maximum result.
Each modern energy unit built in Russia - this is another step in the implementation of the Russian state energy strategy, which is based on the broad introduction of international best practice, in particular, technological and engineering experience of Switzerland. And this collaboration continues.
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