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Октября 26, 2016
Net income of PJSC Inter RAO for the first 9 months of 2016 was 37.4 billion rubles
Net income of PJSC Inter RAO for the first 9 months of 2016 was 37.4 billion rubles, compared to 6.8 billion rubles for the same period of 2015. Revenue for the first 9 months of 2016 was 33.1 billion rubles, down 2.5 billion rubles (7.0%) from the first 9 months of 2015.
Октября 26, 2016
First Pipe Deliveries Start from the Pipe Mills
OMK has started its first delivery of high-quality steel pipes for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from its mill in Vyksa, Russia. The pipes will be transported by rail to the coating plant in Kotka, Finland/
Октября 26, 2016
TATNEFT Is amongst the World Leaders in the Creation of the Company’s Shareholders Profitability
The ranking of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) defined that TATNEFT joined the top five leaders of creating the shareholders’ profitability in the oil industry.


Августа 31, 2016
Wintershall supports a balanced approach to European energy market
The CEO of Wintershall, Mario Mehren, called for a better balance in the energy market in Europe at Norway’s largest energy trade fair, Offshore Northern Seas (ONS), in Stavanger.
Июля 28, 2016
Asia-Pacific Solar PV Balance of System Market to Decline Considerably to $14.2 Billion by 2020
The global solar Photovoltaic Balance of System market is set to experience varying levels of decline across a number of regions over the coming years, with the Asia-Pacific region seeing its market depreciate the most, from $27.4 billion in 2015 to $14.2 billion by 2020.
Августа 26, 2014
There are not only viruses but atoms in Africa, too
With only one nuclear power plant operating in the continent of Africa, RSA is planning further development of its nuclear power industry. Russia is now making a push into promoting its nuclear technologies in the South African market. The amount involved is $50 bln.


Августа 28, 2014
The route of oil
Currently, main challenges of Transneft JSC include such tasks as integrated improvement of the system of main oil and product pipelines to meet the requirements of oil production and treatment and to ensure effective oil transportation both domestically and abroad; establishment of the infrastructural basis for a flexible and competitive market of oil and oil products; organization of new ways for oil reception. At EnergyLand’s request, the Vice-President of Transneft JSC Mikhail Barkov is telling about the company’s projects.
Июля 15, 2014
Electric vehicles conquer Europe
Phil Dingle, head of Eaton Power Utilities and Networks, shared his views on the prospects of the infrastructure for electric vehicles with the EnergyLand.info magazine. Eaton are members of BEAMA - British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association, where Mr Dingle is now leading a project group which works on the infrastructure for electric vehicles.
Июня 24, 2014
Charging with no wires
Wireless charging for electric cars seems like quite an attractive idea, but technologies providing such a possibility are far from perfect. Oleg Kononenko, Chief Development Officer at Ecomotors LLC, shares his perspective in this matter.
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