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Rosatomflot summed up 2019 operations results

Января 16, 2020

FSUE Atomflot (an enterprise of ROSATOM) summed up results of its operations in 2019. Over this time, nuclear icebreakers steered 510 vessels of a total gross tonnage of 30.28 million tons (for comparison, in 2018, 331 vessels of a total gross tonnage of 12.7 million tons were steered).

“Large increase in total gross tonnage of vessels steered by nuclear icebreakers in 2019 is linked to achievement of full design capacity of the natural gas liquefaction plant in Sabetta Sea Port,” Mustafa Kashka, General Director of FSUE Atomflot, says.
In 2019, the nuclear lighter ship Sevmorput made two voyages delivering freight for “Arctic LNG” project. The ship delivered products manufactured by Russian companies to Gydan Peninsula. In the past year, Rosatomflot’s nuclear icebreakers steered ships with freight to Utrennee Deposit.
Last fall the nuclear lighter ship Sevmorput successfully completed delivery of containers with frozen fish and other freight. The voyage from Pertropavlovsk-Kamchasky to Saint-Petersburg took 18 days and was carried out routinely.
“For our enterprise and ROSATOM 2019 passed under the sign of the 60 years since commissioning of the world’s first nuclear icebreaker Lenin,” Mustafa Kashka notes. “The celebration included a featured voyage to the North Pole. We could be able to show the Arctic to the gifted children from different regions of Russia,” he said.
For Rosatomflot, the past year was marked with the completion of the large-scale investment project in building the port fleet. In October 2019 in Vyborg the transfer record was signed to hand over the port icebreaker Ob between FSUE Atomflot and PJSC Vyborg Shipyard. In addition to the first non-nuclear icebreaker of Rosatomflot, four tow boats were built to do work in the Sabetta Sea Port, as part of the project.
In Saint-Petersburg the building of universal nuclear icebreakers (UNI) of 22220 project continues. Last May, the second series-made nuclear icebreaker Ural was launched and already in August in Murmansk the contract between FSUE Atomflot and JSC Baltijskiy Zavod concerning the building of the third and fourth series-made UNIs was signed.
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