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Conscious selection of AIMS CEPA provider

Апреля 29, 2010

Julia Magomedova, Director of Technical Department of Engineering Center "ENERGOAUDITKONTROL"

How to get a quality service in creation of AIMS CEPA1? How to choose a company that not only offers the best project by ratio of price-quality, but will be able to implement it with no additional cost? How not to bind themselves with the short-live company, which will soluble in the air after the receiving of prepayment?

Price? Time-frame? Results?

When you are choosing a company to install the AIMS CEPA you should ask applicants about three main issues: the Prices? Time-frames? Results?

After receiving the answers, it is necessary not just to compare, who is faster and cheaper, but also try to assess the risks that you may encounter during the implementation of the project.

Today many companies offer their services to create AIMS CSE. Whom to choose? The manufacturer or the project company, or may be beginners? (Because they have very attractive prices). (And may be) Is it reasonable to choose a couple of your own staff and do everything by yourself?

Remember: avaricious pays twice. If you want to receive an automated information-measuring system of commercial accounting of electric power and capacity of your business, legitimate to calculate the wholesale and retail electricity markets and power (ORE or RRE) - refer to companies that already have experience in creating large-scale automation projects.

Tender: typical mistakes

Here are some typical mistakes that lead to attractive prices in the tender and the disastrous results in the end:

Underestimating the scope of the project

Nonprofessional company often cannot imagine the complex of all works, does not consider the potential complications, resulting in underestimates of the real cost of the project and its timetable.

Incompetence in the survey

The company-newcomer does not understand why, in fact, are carried out pre-surveys (PES), while the experienced companies have real, proven methods of PES and report forms, which minimize problems and errors in subsequent stages of the project - the design or installation.

Incompetence in the design and installation

Low quality of pre-work leads to errors in the design and the inability to implement design solutions. Inexperienced contractors often have difficulty with the inception of projects with related entities, or they do not do that at all. It results in big problems with construction and installation works. Very often because of the incompetence of staff which is generating installation, failures expensive equipment. This leads to quite different results on price and terms, rather than declared on the stage of the tender.

Metrological support of AIMS CEPA

Without a clear knowledge of acts that governs metrology and understanding of the appraisal process and entering of the measuring equipment in the state register you won’t be able to build a system that meets modern requirements. Not all companies have a sufficient understanding of the work with the authorities of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Fatra) and National Center for testing of measuring instruments (GTSI SI), or procedures to verify compliance with technical requirements of the ORE and assignment of class quality system. To organization that is not "embedded" in this, these nuances are not visible.

No vision of the whole project

Some companies have no complete picture of all the works, the relationship of the stages, and so forth, that does not allows them to see the project in the complex, and therefore - to effectively manage it.

What consumer needs to know to choose the supplier AIMS CEPA?

First of all I recommend answering on the following questions:

  • Does the contractor know the area of AIMS CEPA, recent changes in legislation, the types and the relationship of work to create a system?
  • What is the experience of building systems in terms of the point of accounting? How many TP AIMS CEPA are built for ORE, RRE? How many groups of points of delivery (GTP) works on the market, taking into account data from the equipment? How many systems are introduced in the State Register? Number of state register.
  • Who are the suppliers and factories involved in the construction of the system AIMS CEPA? What percentage of the manufacturing program falls on the contractor's bids?
  • Does the contractor have subsidiaries or subdivisions, which will carry out maintenance?
  • Does the contractor provide after-sales service? How long is the warranty on the AIMS CEPA? What is the experience in service in terms of points accounting into years?
  • Is there any experience of concordance of documents with different regulatory structures, including related entities, Fatra, SI GTSI, Inc. "ATS"?
  • Does the contractor have a positive experience in realization of AIMS Cepa in the regional market?
  • Does the contractor Guarantee user training and technical support after the completion of the project?
  • Can a contractor provide obtaining of an act of compliance ORE TT in the presence of coherent and registered GTP?

Answers to these questions are very important during the selection of a reliable and experienced contractor for the construction of AIMS CEPA.

1Automated information-measuring system of commercial electric power accounting

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