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The route of oil

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Currently, main challenges of Transneft JSC include such tasks as integrated improvement of the system of main oil and product pipelines to meet the requirements of oil production and treatment and to ensure effective oil transportation both domestically and abroad; establishment of the infrastructural basis for a flexible and competitive market of oil and oil products; organization of new ways for oil reception. At EnergyLand’s request, the Vice-President of Transneft JSC Mikhail Barkov is telling about the company’s projects.

Electric vehicles conquer Europe

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Phil Dingle, head of Eaton Power Utilities and Networks, shared his views on the prospects of the infrastructure for electric vehicles with the EnergyLand.info magazine. Eaton are members of BEAMA - British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association, where Mr Dingle is now leading a project group which works on the infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Charging with no wires

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Wireless charging for electric cars seems like quite an attractive idea, but technologies providing such a possibility are far from perfect. Oleg Kononenko, Chief Development Officer at Ecomotors LLC, shares his perspective in this matter.

Virtual power plants arrive to Russia

Мая 26, 2014

Improvement of competency of electric power consumers promotes a new phenomenon called virtual power plants. The Head of Power Retail and Operating Activities Department at Lukoil JSC Vasily Zubakin told us more about that type of power generation facilities.

From smart grids to the smart city

Апреля 24, 2014

The era of smart grids has not arrived in Russia yet. However, international companies are about to launch some products to the Russian market that would help the electrical grids to become smart. Munkhtsetseg Baatar, a smart grid expert at Toshiba (Japan), told us about one of those products in her interview to EnergyLand.info.

Energy reorganization program

Марта 28, 2014

Alexander Chuvayev, Executive Vice-President at Fortum Corporation, Head of Russia Division: The energy reorganization program allowed raising real investment in construction of new generating capacities which significantly improved the situation in this industry sector. Now, heat supply market and gas market need restructuring.

New carbon materials

Января 21, 2014

R&D Institute “Grafit” was established over 50 years ago for research and development of special types of carbon materials and their full-scale manufacturing application. Today, the institute is engaged in development of state-of-the-art composite materials, carbon fibers and fabrics, antifrictional materials, etc. Whether it is easy or not to introduce such innovations in practice and to make them economically profitable, tells Evgeny Mayanov, Director of R&D Institute “Grafit” OJSC.

Balance for sustainability

Января 24, 2014

Ambitious investment programs of Russian power companies promote development of a domestic engineering market. Andrey Malyshev, the President of E4 Group JSC, tells us how to be successful on this competitive market.

Gas Policy of Ukraine requests silence and reliability

Ноября 17, 2010

Eugene Bakulin, Chairman of the National Joint Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" At this point in time Ukraine plans: - to find hydrocarbons in the Black Sea shelf, to reconstruct gas transportation system and to establish itself as a reliable partner for both Russia and Europe. Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine "Eugene Bakulin at the exhibition" Oil and Gas-2010 "in Kiev told readers of EnergyLand.info about priority plans of development of the gas industry in Ukraine.

Balancing model of energy market by 2011will require changes in legislation

Ноября 17, 2010

Nikolaj Martynenko, chairman of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at its November exhibition "Power & Energy 2010" that was held in Kiev, told readers of EnergyLand.info, what legislative acts Ukraine needs for the effective development of energy complex.

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