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Enel X 696 MW of demand response (DR) capacity awarded to Enel X for delivery year 2024 in the Polish Capacity Market

Февраля 06, 2020

This capacity increases by 28% Enel X’s DR portfolio, which maintains a 70% share in the DR segment of Poland’s Capacity Market

 With this award, Enel X leads the Polish DR market for four delivery years in a row (2021-2024), continuing to offer clients long-term revenue opportunities while supporting the country’s electricity network  
Rome, February 3rd, 2020 – Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, through its local subsidiary Enel X Polska, was awarded 696 MW of demand response (DR) capacity to be delivered in 2024 in Poland’s Capacity Market. This success reinforces Enel X’s DR leadership in the country, with the company taking the top spot for four delivery years in a row, namely 2021-2024. With this award, Enel X’s DR portfolio in Poland grew by 28% compared to 2023, maintaining the company’s 70% share in that segment of Poland’s Capacity Market. 
Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, said: “Through this award, we continue to offer our Polish customers long-term revenue opportunities that will ultimately help them better manage their energy and overall business costs while also supporting the security of supply in the Polish electricity network. This positive Capacity Market auction result, which stems from the growing demand for DR services in the country, signals the increasing importance that these services are set to play in the future of Poland’s electricity sector.” 
Enel X started providing its first DR services in the Polish market in 2017. In the country’s Capacity Market, the company was awarded 446 MW for 2021 and 546 MW for 2022 as well as 2023. In 2024, DR will account for almost 5% of the country’s Capacity Market, compared to just 2.7% expected for 2021, when the Polish Capacity Market will be launched. 
 DR programs are intended to encourage end users to adjust their power consumption in order to facilitate the stabilization of the grid when requested by the system. Active DR ensures greater grid flexibility that can lead to more efficient use of the energy infrastructure, helping to guarantee grid security and contain electricity prices. These programs pay participants an annual fee in exchange for their availability to respond to the needs of the energy grid. 
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