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In the territory of Vologda electric grids of “Vologdaenergo” branch of IDGC of North-West the new mobile substation of 110 kV is installed

Февраля 11, 2010

If necessary, the substation will be operatively carried out by auto transport to any of seven branches of IDGC of North-West responsibility zone.

The place of location of the new module mobile substation (MMS) of 110 kV and capacity of 25 MVA acquired by IDGC of North-West was “Vologdaenergo” branch. Two modules of the mobile substation have been already located in the territory of substation “Vostochnaya” of Vologda electric grids and installed at the semitrailers.
The mobile substation is subjected to uploading of the grids during the period of extreme loads or the liquidation of the emergency situations in the electric grids and the provision of the consumers with the electric power for the period of the repairs and reconstruction of the equipment at the active substations.
The equipment of the substation consists of two independent modules of 62 and 35 tones weight. The module of 110 kV includes the cell with SF6 circuit breaker of 110 kV (metaclad substation) and the power transformer of 110/10(6) kV. At the second transformer one can see the distribution device of 10(6) kV with all the necessary systems of the protection management. 
According to Sergey Kovyazin, Chief Engineer of Vologda electric grids, “Vologdaenergo” was chosen the place of storage of the mobile substation due to the convenient geographical position. If necessary, the substation can be operatively carried out by auto transport to any of seven branches of the zone of responsibility of IDGC of North-West.  

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