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Belorusneft began oil production in Ecuador

Августа 17, 2017

After Venezuela, Ecuador became the second Latin American country where "Belorusneft" started oil production. This is the Armadillo field on Block 55. The work is carried out in accordance with the contract with the state oil company of Ecuador – Petroamazonas.

In the course of implementation of this agreement, geological studies were performed on the basis of seismic data, and utility systems were designed and built taking into account the strict environmental requirements of this country. Based on data obtained as a result of processing and interpretation of the 3D seismic survey, Belorusneft experts recommended to drill three wells.

During the construction of the Armadillo-2 well in the Volcanica reservoir, increased gas indications were noted. Geophysical studies and subsequent data from this facility confirmed that Belarusian specialists have discovered a new oil deposit in the field. From the Volcanica layer, a steady industrial inflow of dry crude oil was obtained.

Two wells have already been built at the Armadillo field, trial operation has begun. In the process - the construction of another well.

Further cameral work involves updating the geostatistical model and specifying the location of subsequent production wells. The project is expected to produce more than 10 million barrels of oil.

This summer, the Belarusians completed the cameral work on the block 11-A. This was stipulated by the contract between the branch of Belorusneft in the Republic of Ecuador and the state company Petroamazonas for performing complex 3D seismic services and data processing on blocks 11 and 18. Field seismic operations were performed in complex surface conditions due to the presence of dense selva in the upper Amazon and the developed inrastructure of private farmland. In June the final report on field and cameral work on the 11th block has been successfully defended.

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