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Nord Stream – Five Years of Successful Gas Supply to Europe

Октября 17, 2017

Five years ago, in October 2012, the operation of the reliable, modern and efficient Nord Stream twin gas pipeline for transportation of 55 billion cubic metres (bcm) of Russian natural gas to European consumers started.

Between 8 October 2012 and 7 October 2017, the Nord Stream Pipeline transported a total volume of 182.1 bcm of natural gas. Since the start of operations, the system successfully increased the delivered volumes of gas, and the percentage of utilized capacity. In 2014, 65 per cent of the annual capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline was used. Utilized capacity increased further to 71% in 2015, and to 80% in 2016. For 2017, we expect almost 90% of capacity utilization.

During the cold months of the last winter (2016/2017), the pipelines’ average load was extremely high. The maximum daily capacity was fully used whenever needed and the pipeline system adapted flexibly to the increased seasonal demand of European consumers without any problems.

Nord Stream AG closely cooperates with all relevant institutions and authorities, as well as with international industry-leading suppliers and consultants. Renowned certifying body DNV GL for instance regularly certifies the pipeline system and commends Nord Stream AG’s commitment to a safe and reliable gas transport.

Nord Stream AG developed national environmental monitoring programmes in close cooperation with the countries who had to grant permits for construction and operation of the Pipeline. An investment of approximately 40 million euros in these programmes is testament to Nord Stream’s commitment to safeguard the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. The findings have confirmed that construction and operation is in line with or below the values established in the environmental impact assessments (EIA): the pipelines’ impact on the environment was minor, local and short-term only.

Nord Stream AG’s success relies on an international team of industry experts who have worked together tirelessly over the years for the success of the company and with the aim of increasing the security of supply of European consumers.

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