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Mayakovskaya TPP in the Kaliningrad region began the "hot calibration"

Ноября 29, 2017

As part of the project for the construction of new generating capacity in the Kaliningrad region, the first ignition of a gas turbine (GTP) of the first power island of Mayakovskaya TPP was held.

During the tests, the turbine reached its nominal frequency, confirming the operational performance of the launch systems and equipment as a whole.

The first ignition is the most important phase of the commissioning activities, during which fuel combustion in a gas turbine takes place for the first time. It was preceded by work on rotorbarring of the equipment and the first rotation by the start-up frequency converter. After the gas was supplied to the GTP burners, the equipment was run at idle speed of the generator shaft up to 3,000 rotations per minute.

In the near future, a generator will be tested at the facility and then it will be synchronized with the grid. The next steps in the commissioning activities will be the testing of the second GTP of Mayakovskaya TPP as well as the testing of equipment of Talakhovskaya TPP.

Mayakovskaya TPP in Gusev and Talakhovskaya TPP in Sovetsk being built under the same project are designed to compensate for peak loads in the network. They are equipped with equipment from domestic companies in power plant industry. Each station includes two gas turbine units with generation equipment unit capacity of 77.9 MW produced by LLC Russian Gas Turbines. This is highly efficient and reliable equipment with a high level of environmental performance. The GTP's are equipped with SPA ELSIB generators.

Management of Talakhovskaya and Mayakovskaya TPPs construction projects is performed by Inter RAO-Engineering LLC.

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