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ChelPipe Group the sole supplier of low temperature LDP for construction of coastal segment of Nord Stream 2

Февраля 06, 2018

ChelPipe Group has become the sole supplier of low temperature large diameter pipes (LDP) for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the coastal area.

In January–May 2018, ChelPipe Group will ship approximately 3,000 tons of LDP to Nord Stream 2 AG. Pipes of 1153х41 mm, 654х28.5 mm and 904.6х30.2 mm are manufactured at ChelPipe's Vysota 239 plant. All LDP is made of low temperature steel (LTS), capable of operating in temperatures as low as –38 С°.

To fulfill the order, white metallurgists developed a new LDP welding technique for ChelPipe Group in record time. The existing conventional technique failed to provide welded pipe joints the necessary low temperature properties. To resolve this issue, ChelPipe Group engineers used multiple-pass welding instead of the standard weld.

"The bid procedure for supplying low temperature LDP was announced by Nord Stream 2 AG in 2016. White metallurgists won the contract based оn the results of preliminary tests, for which two suppliers qualified," Denis Prihodko, ChelPipe Group Sales Director, comments. "Our experts once again proved that ChelPipe Group's ability to fulfill orders of any level of complexity and take an individualized approach to clients' requirements gives it a competitive advantage. We also plan to participate in other tenders of Nord Stream 2 AG and Russian fuel-and-energy companies. ChelPipe Group's production facilities can handle large-scale output."

In March 2016, the company won a tender to supply approximately 600,000 tons of LDP for constructing the off-shore segment of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Later, the Group signed a supplementary contract for supplying LDP, transition pieces and buckle arrestors for this project. To date, white metallurgist have supplied the Nord Stream 2 AG pipeline operator with 400,000 tons of LDP and 513 buckle arrestors.

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