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“Zaporozhtransformator” will manufacture 6 transformers for Georgia

Февраля 12, 2018

Private Joint Stock Company “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR) has signed three Contracts for delivery of six transformers for Georgia.

According to the terms of the Contracts, ZTR will supply two transformers rated for 40 MVA/110kV for Hydroelectric Complex “HPP Vartsikhe”, two transformers rated for 40 MVA/110kV for Substation Kakhari and two transformers 6.3 MVA for residential housing estate under construction in Tbilisi city.
The Contracts are signed with our long-standing partners for whom ZTR has supplied the transformer equipment on continuing basis.

“Kahari” Project.

The Contract has signed with Georgian  JSC Company "Sakenergoremonti" (Tbilisi city) taking on the duty of one of General Contractors in the Project. Since 2009, ZTR has once and again worked with this Company. At the moment, the advance payment has already been received and the transformers are put into production. It is scheduled to manufacture and deliver the transformers from ZTR to Georgia in May 2018.

"HPP Vartsikhe" Project

The Contract is signed with Georgian Company "Georgian Manganese" (Zestafoni city). Cooperation between ZTR and Georgian Manganese began in 2014 within delivery of the transformer for Zestafon Ferroalloy Plant. This Project, stipulates very short delivery terms, which ZTR is obliged to observe, therefore the advance payment has already been received and the transformers are put into production. Delivery of the equipment to Georgia is scheduled for March of this year.

Within pre-contract work related to the present Projects ZTR had to compete with Chinese and Turkish competitors. When choosing the supplier, in addition to undertime delivery terms, there were also requirements in terms of the Manufacturer’s experience and the availability of the transformer equipment maintenance in place throughout complete operation period.

New Contracts once again confirm the level of confidence as referred to “Zaporozhtransformator” PrJSC as tp the Manufacturer of quality equipment, and also strengthen the positions in market of Georgia.

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