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Accumulated production at Kharyaga field amounted to 20 million tons of oil

Апреля 09, 2018

Zarubezhneft-Production Kharyaga, subsidiary of Zarubezhneft, produced the 20-millionth ton of oil since Kharyaga field commercial development commencement in 1999.

The achievement of this figure became possible owing to the well-coordinated work of all Kharyaga PSA participants.

Since the transfer of operatorship in the Kharyaga field development project in August 2016 Zarubezhneft-Production Kharyaga has produced more than 2.5 million tons of oil. At this, owing to the performance of efficient geological and technical measures, application of front-end technologies and integration of production efficiency improvement programs the company succeeded in not only ensuring continuous oil production process but also in achieving significant decrease of OPEX.

Currently the active oil wells stock of Kharyaga fields comprises 37 wells which ensure production of more than 4.5 thousand tons of oil per day. Five more wells are planned to be commissioned in 2018 to maintain the annual production at the level of more than 1.4 million tons.


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