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BMZ Has Manufactured the 3 Thousandth Chain Drive

Апреля 19, 2019

The three-thousandth chain drive (CD) with a stroke length of 3 meters has been manufactured at the TATNEFT Company’s Bugulma Mechanical Plant.

The CDs produced at BMZ have various modifications and they successfully operate in the oil fields of Tatarstan.

The Bugulma Mechanical Plant systematically carries out the work on the creation of new cheaper models of the chain drives. The plant has developed and manufactures lightweight models of the chain drives such as CD30 and CD40 with a maximum load at the point of the rod suspension amounting to 3 and 4 tonnes, respectively, which are used on marginal wells. CD40 is lighter than CD-60 by 4,250 kg and 59 percent cheaper. Modernization has been achieved by installing a smaller lower power rating electric motor, application of a common industrial dual stage spur gearbox instead of a special three-stage one, replacing the imported two-row chain with a single-row one, changing the composition of supporting structures and removing the attachable equipment.

The works are carried out at the plant on a continuous basis to improve the design of the drive in order to improve performance, increase the reliability and extend the equipment life period. Thus, the chain tensioning mechanism has been improved, its design has been simplified and the metal consumption reduced accordingly, and manufacturability have been improved. The brake design has been modified for  the purpose of improving the reliability of the unit. The design of the whole drive has been improved, making it possible to simplify the replacing processes of the V-shaped transmission belts and the drive rolling-back from the wellhead during the repair and maintenance of the wells. In addition, the design of the enclosure and the base of the chain drive with a stroke length of 3m using the shaped pipes has been developed. Manufacturing  of a number of units and parts has been switched  over to casting.

As part of implementing the import substitution program, field tests of different manufacturers’ chains have been carried out resulting in the selectin of chains produced by ZAO Akmash-Holding in Kirov. Initially, the drives were assembled with general-purpose gearboxes made of cast iron, while at the present time a transition has been made  to the steel gearbox produced by OOO "Zavod-Redktor” from Mozhga in order to improve the performance.

The results of introducing the chain drives at the Company's oil fields have shown significant savings in operating costs. The application of low-cost chain drives in the composition of the sucker-rod pumping units allows to significantly reduce the cost of crude oil production in the event of the artificial lift production technique application in the well operation as a result of the significantly reduced power consumption.

The Bugulma Mechanical Plant is capable to manufacture three-meter stroke length chain drives in the amount of up to 50 units per month. The milestone CD has been manufactured for NGDU "Nurlatneft".

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