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Enel Russia awarded 71 MW of wind capacity in the Stavropol region following renewables tender

Июня 12, 2019

Enel Russia’s overall investment in Rodnikovsky amounts to approximately 90 million euros. Once operational, due in the first half of 2024, the wind farm is expected to generate around 220 GWh per year while avoiding the annual emission of around 180,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

PJSC Enel Russia (Enel Russia) was awarded a new wind project of over 71 MW in the 2019 Russian Government renewable energy tender. The Rodnikovsky wind farm will be located in the Stavropol region, with Enel Green Power (EGP), Enel’s global business line dedicated to renewable energy, being in charge of project development and construction.

Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of Enel Russia, commented: “With the Rodnikovsky project, Enel Russia’s total wind capacity awarded through tenders now amounts to 362 MW, including 90 MW under construction. This award underscores our strong push to diversify Enel Russia’s generation mix, enhancing our renewable footprint. The project is also testament to our commitment to the Stavropol region, where we already operate conventional generation capacity through the Nevinnomysskaya plant.”

The plant will sell its energy output in the Russian wholesale market and will be supported by capacity payments.

The Russian renewable energy tender for the 2020-2024 period took place from May 28th to June 10th for the awarding of approximately 314 MW of renewable capacity, 78.1 MW of which dedicated to wind projects, the remaining 229.8 MW to mini-hydro and 5.6 MW to solar. The Russian government started launching these annual tenders in 2013 to achieve targets of 4.5% of energy generation from renewables and 5.4 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2024.

On top of today’s tender win, Enel Russia was awarded the 90 MW Azov wind farm, currently under construction and due to be commissioned in 2020, and the 201 MW Murmansk wind farm, due to be commissioned in 2021, both in the 2017 tender for the construction of 1.9 GW of wind capacity in the country. EGP is in charge of the development and construction of all three projects. Enel Russia’s investment in the Azov wind farm amounts to approximately 132 million euros and its investment in the 201 MW wind farm amounts to around 273 million euros.

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