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July Crude Lifting from CPC Marine Terminal

Августа 05, 2019

In July 2019, CPC Marine Terminal lifted 5,699,630 gross tons (45,089,993 barrels) of crude oil, 54 tankers were handled, which is 2 tankers more than during the previous month. July lifting schedule was completed in full.

As a note, 340  oil tankers were handled at the MT in January-July 2019, which took 36,201,636 gross tons of crude in their tanks.  

Out of the 5,699,630  tons lifted in July 2019, 2,423,264 tons of crude was from Tengiz field, 881,978 tons from Karachaganak field, 1,383,686 tons from Kashagan field and 233,133 tons from other Kazakhstani producers.

In July, the Kazakhstani producers shipped in total 4,922,061 tons of crude, and 777,569  tons of lifted crude was received from the Russian territory.
From 2001 through July 31, 2019,  618 810 787 net tons of crude oil were delivered to the world markets via the Tengiz-Novorossiysk crude pipeline system. 538,839,527 tons of that crude came from Kazakhstan and 79,971,260 tons of crude was produced in Russia.

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