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Inter RAO – Export and Energoimport sign an agreement on the implementation of the project to make major overhaul of 10 units of 100 MW in Cuba

Сентября 23, 2019

Inter RAO – Export LLC and Cuban state-owned electric power company Energoimport signed agreement of action plan to implement major overhaul of 10 units of single installed capacity of 100 MW at three Cuban TPP.

The signing of document was held during the 17th session of Inter-governmental Russian-Cuban commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation.

This Agreement approves the work schedule for the overhaul project of 10 units of 100 MW at Este Havana TPP, Maximo Gomez TPP and Antonio Maseo TPP until the signing of the contract, which is scheduled for late March 2020.

"Initially, we were working on a project to upgrade three units of 100 MW each. However, our Cuban partners subsequently decided to change the scope of the project from the reconstruction and modernization of 3 units of 100 MW to the overhaul of the existing 10 units of 100 MW of Russian origin. We expect that after the signing of the contract, we will carry out overhaul of two units annually starting from 2021, – said Maxim Sergeev, the General Director of Inter RAO-Export LLC.


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