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Ignalina NPP carries out construction of radioactive waste Landfill facility

Ноября 15, 2019

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (Ignalina NPP) carries out construction of a very low-level radioactive waste Landfill facility (project B19-2). After three weeks of continuous concreting, the concreting of the three-module foundation slab of the facility was completed.

The total area of ​​the foundation slab is 13,664 m2, which required 7,000 m3 of concrete to be reinforced and over 2,000 tons of reinforcement.

Project B19-2 aims to provide infrastructure for the final disposal of very low level short-lived radioactive waste. The project will result in the construction of a facility (also known as a Landfill facility) consisting of three waste storage modules, which will contain very low-level short-lived waste. About 60,000 m3 of very low level short-lived radioactive waste is planned to be stored in the Landfill facility. Once the waste is transported to the facility, they are treated as finally disposed of.After the completion of the construction works, it is planned to start construction completion procedures and start the operation of the Landfill facility from 2020.

The is located next to other INPP newly installed facilities for radioactive waste management, necessary for the implementation of INPP decommissioning Spent Fuel Storage Facility (project B1) and Solid Radioactive Waste Management and Storage Facility (project B3 / 4).

Project B19-2 is funded by the European Union Ignalina Program.

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