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Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant renewed all work activities

Мая 11, 2020

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant smoothly renewed all work activities which were suspended because of the risk of spreading COVID-19. Today all work activities are ongoing, the employees who are working in a remote way continue to work from home.

„Seeing the rapidly changing situation and the growing number of infected persons in Lithuania and assessing the specifics of the INPP activities in this context, we had to promptly take measures to minimize the risks to our employees and activities in progress. We have reorganized the work order, introduced new measures to ensure additional protection for employees and minimize contacts. We are grateful to the management of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania for the support in making decisions in such difficult conditions”, - said Audrius Kamienas, General Director.
The European Commission agreed to support the replacement pay to furloughed staff up to the full amount of base salary from the Ignalina programme fund. After starting work by a minimal regime, the enterprise's management together with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Central Project Management Agency made every effort to increase the remuneration of INPP employees during furlough than provided in the Labor Code.
Also, the European Commission has welcomed the intention of INPP management to implement within two weeks the necessary measures to minimize the risks of contamination by the virus as to allow restarting of the decommissioning activities. According to the European Commission, the Ignalina programme has always supported actions in the interest of the safety of the workers. At present, limiting the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic is the priority.
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