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International Experts Analyzed Impact of Nord Stream 2 on European Gas Market

Мая 18, 2020

The Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne (EWI) and the international consulting company Frontier Economics issued an expert report considering the impact that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would have on the European gas market.

The analysis shows that the Nord Stream 2 will have positive effects on security of supply and competition in the European gas market. The pipeline will contribute to the lower supply cost and thus benefit the European economy.
Experts estimate that the pipeline will help to reduce gas prices in EU countries by an average of 0.77 EUR/MWh. This consideration applies to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe as well. For example, in Poland, thanks to Nord Stream 2, gas prices can decrease by about 5% by 2030.
“The thing is that LNG imports are usually more expensive than pipeline gas imports from Russia. This would benefit not only the countries directly connected to the pipeline, but also neighboring countries," – said Dr Simon Schulte from the Institute of Energy Economics.
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