21 Сентября 2021 | вторник | 13:16

3D seismic surveys have tripled in Belarus to 1200 square kilometers in the past three years

Сентября 10, 2021

Work has increased in the central zone of the Pripyat Trough. As a result, 8 news oilfields have been discovered here in the last five years.

A global survey of the Rechitsa area is also ahead. In 2022 for the first time in Belorusneft history this area will be totally covered with wide-azimuth 3D seismic survey.
But one of the most attractive areas for geologists has been the southern part of the Pripyat Trough which had to be abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster. These are Khoiniki, Yelsk, Bragin, Narovlya, Petrykov and Lelchitsy districts. Today prospecting and exploration have been recommenced. And geologists talk about discovering a new oil region. Thus, by the end of 2021 field seismic surveys will be completed in the Valav area located in the Lelchitsy and Yelsk districts. By 2026 it is planned to survey on four more areas: Radomlianski, Yelsko-Narovlianski, Nikolaevsky and Novo-Rudninsky. The total volume is 2,5–3,0 thousand square kilometers. It is predicted that by that time the level of oil production in Chernobyl-affected areas could reach 125,000 tons.
The opening of the new oil region will make it possible to plan the construction of a separate oil extraction enterprise, an oil treatment area and a pipeline to transport oil directly to the Mozyr refinery.
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