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Mingyang Smart Energy has launched a 22MW offshore wind turbine

Октября 25, 2023

Chinese manufacturer has also unveiled an onshore model designed for desert regions.

The MySE 22MW is expected to be the world's most powerful offshore turbine with a rotor of more than 310 metres, tailored for high-wind regions with average wind speed of 8.5 metres per second to 10 metres per second.
Mingyang said the turbine was typhoon-resistant, intelligent, and suitable for both fixed-bottom and floating applications.
The carbon-fibre blades achieve optimal balance for strength, weight and corrosion resistance.
Launched at China Wind Power 2023, the machine is set for development between 2024 and 2025.
Now in production at Mingyang's Inner Mongolia base, the MySE 11-233 is one of the world's largest onshore wind turbines, tailored for the challenging conditions of desert and Gobi regions.
With rotor diameters ranging from 233 metres to 243 metres and tower heights from 130 metres to 200 metres, the unit can generate enough electricity in a single day at full capacity to meet the needs of about 1300 households for a month, MingYang said.
It integrates advanced thermal management technology, maintenance-free sand filters, and grid-friendly features, making it suitable for areas with weak power infrastructure.
The dry connection tower design ensures swift construction, excellent product quality, and cost-effectiveness, MingYang added.
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