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Kazatomprom marks the fifth anniversary of its IPO

Ноября 14, 2023

National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC marks the fifth anniversary of its initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange and Astana International Exchange (AIX).

Kazatomprom became the first portfolio company of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, which was listed on the local and international capital markets under the Privatization Program approved by the Kazakh Government. The results of Kazatomprom's IPO were positively received by the global investment community.
“Our IPO was a significant milestone in the company’s history and the national economy, symbolizing Kazakhstan's growing presence on the capital markets. Since the landmark IPO in November 2018, Kazatomprom has not only upheld its commitment to sustainable growth, operational excellence and market discipline but has also reinforced its position at the forefront of the global uranium industry. On behalf of the company and me personally, I extend our deepest gratitude to our employees, partners and shareholders for their continuous support. Thanks to common efforts, Kazatomprom continues to hold leading positions in uranium production and sales,” commented Meirzhan Yussupov, CEO of Kazatomprom.
The company continues to show commitment to the listing requirements and best international practices, actively interacting with investors, and constantly improving the level of corporate governance and transparency. Since the IPO, Kazatomprom’s shareholders have substantially benefited from significant share price appreciation and regular dividend payments.
"The history of AIX began with Kazatomprom's IPO in 2018. Over the past five years since listing, the prices of the company's ordinary shares (denominated in tenge) have increased fourfold, and the company have been leading the market in terms of volumes traded and transacted on the AIX platform," commented Assel Mukazhanova, CEO of Astana International Exchange.
On this momentous occasion, Kazatomprom marks not only its achievements but also the vital role the nuclear power plays in the global energy mix. As the world transitions to net-zero emissions, acceptance of nuclear energy as a green source of low-carbon baseload energy has never been more pronounced. The company is proud to play a key role in the global efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future, providing uranium for clean, sustainable and reliable nuclear power.
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