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State corporation «Rosatom» will create register of negligent suppliers of nuclear power branch

Марта 09, 2010

State corporation «Rosatom» will create branch register of negligent suppliers. Order on forming of such register was signed by director general of State corporation «Rosatom» Sergey Kirienko.

The following reasons for enrolling into this register which will be published, may be: if a supplier who won a tender or auction later refused from making contract or from provision of guarantee of contract execution (if such requirement was set forth in purchase procedure documentation); if a contract with supplier (executive, contractor) was terminated by court or under agreement of the parties with material breach by supplier (executive, contractor) of the contract terms and conditions. The register maintenance is assigned to Department of internal control and audit of State corporation «Rosatom». At that, for prevention of abuse, decision on enrolling into the register will be made by collective authority – Central arbitration committee in the scope of purchases of State corporation «Rosatom». The respective changes are made to Unified branch purchases standard of State corporation «Rosatom».
«The branch register is created by analogy with existing Federal register of negligent suppliers. The main point is that after issuing of the order we obtained legal basis for maintaining of such a register. It will become a serious barrier which will protect the branch from financially or resources related insolvent suppliers or fraudsters», — explained chairman of Central arbitration committee of State corporation «Rosatom» Pavel Tikhoimirov. Data on negligent suppliers will be enrolled in branch register available on web site: www.zakupki.rosatom.ru.
Potential supplier at the stage of placement of purchases notifications will already be informed about possible consequences of its refusal from making contract, failure to provide guarantee or making material breached of its liabilities in the course of execution of contract concluded.
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