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"Varioganneft" goes on implementing the complex program for formation pressure maintenance at Tagrinsky license area

Марта 09, 2010

OAO "Varioganneft" goes on implementing the complex program for FPM (formation pressure maintenance) at Tagrinsky license area.

Within the frames of this activity there are built two high pressure water ducts total length 1260 m and 900 m. Preparatory works for construction of the third water duct 500 m long are in process.
Implementation of this project will permit to start the target system of development of the oilfield and to maintain formation pressure at the zones of oil withdrawal. For the present moment there are launched six discharge wells at well pads 136 and 131 in order to provide injection for Achimovsky formation (Ach2), says the press-service of "Varioganneft".
OAO "Varioganneft" is integrated in the structure of OAO NK "RussNeft". The company is developing eight oilfields in Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs:  Varioganskoye, Kalinovoye, Yuzhno-Kalinivoye, Novo-Aganskoye, Valiuninskoye, Tagrinskoye, Zapadno-Varioganskoye, Yuzhno-Yarainerskoye. As of 1/01/2010 their net effective pay was assessed as 174 million tons. The annual production level of the company in 2009 amounted to 2 million 286 thousand tons.

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