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Kalinin NPP: power unit No.3 has been started up after implementation of scheduled major overhaul

Июня 29, 2010

Due to efficient work of KNPP personnel and contractors the duration of the power unit repair was reduced by 10 days: instead of standard 70 days the repair works took only 60. The expected effect from the repair reduction was additional electric power production and increase in the commodity output.

A great volume of works was implemented in the third power unit within the last two months. The most important operations concern: reactor disassembly, fuel recharging, technical inspection of the reactor vessel and vessel internals, 100 percent control of fuel element can tightness, complete fissile region unloading, for the first time – fuel shipment, modernization of the turbine and generator.
The major overhaul was carried out by both KNPP repair services and general contractor Kalininatomenergoremont (branch of Atomenergoremont) as well as by subcontractors.
The repair campaign of Kalinin NPP will continue till July 10 by putting power unit No.2 out of operation for scheduled midlife repair.
At present Kalinin NPP operates three power units. The radiation background on the production site and nearby territories is within the natural background values.
Kalinin NPP is a branch of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC. The plant is situated in the north of Tver region in Udomlya district. Kalinin nuclear power plant comprises three operating power units with pressurized water reactors (VVER-1000) of 1000 mW capacity each. Power unit No. 4 is under construction now and is to start up in 2011.
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