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Nord Stream Transported 300 Billion Cubic Metres of Natural Gas to European Consumers

Августа 20, 2019

Nord Stream AG has reached another milestone in its reliable supply of natural gas to European Consumers. To this day, more than 300 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas have been safely delivered from Russia to the European Union through the Baltic Sea.

Nord Stream 2 Vessel Working near Rügen

Августа 15, 2019

The pipelay vessel Castoro 10 (C10) is currently located off Rügen to tie together the two ends of a Nord Stream 2 pipe string laid last year on the seabed. The two sections will be connected above water with a weld seam.

Enel Green Power’s new U.S. wind farm to supply renewable energy to Gap Inc.

Августа 14, 2019

Enel Green Power signed with Gap Inc. a 12-year PPA under which the apparel retailer will buy the output of a 90 MW portion of the 299 MW Aurora wind project1, currently under development in North Dakota.

Last Pipe Leaves Port of Karlshamn

Августа 06, 2019

The last Nord Stream 2 pipe stored within the premises of the port of Karlshamn left the storage area earlier today. Nearly 39,000 pipes have transited through the port since October 7, 2017.

July Crude Lifting from CPC Marine Terminal

Августа 05, 2019

In July 2019, CPC Marine Terminal lifted 5,699,630 gross tons (45,089,993 barrels) of crude oil, 54 tankers were handled, which is 2 tankers more than during the previous month. July lifting schedule was completed in full.

Eesti Energia earned a net profit of EUR 9.4 million in the second quarter

Августа 02, 2019

In the second quarter, Eesti Energia had a turnover of EUR 210.3 million with a profit of EUR 9.4 million.

Nord Stream 2 Calls on Court of Justice of the European Union to Annul Discriminatory Measures

Августа 02, 2019

Nord Stream 2 AG brought an action for annulment before the General Court. Nord Stream 2 requests that Directive (EU) 2019/692 amending the EU Gas Directive be annulled because of an infringement of the EU law principles of equal treatment and proportionality.

TVEL to introduce new fuel at Dukovany NPP in the Czech Republic

Июля 30, 2019

TVEL JSC and Czech national power company ČEZ a.s. have signed a contractual document for introduction of the new VVER-440 fuel modification RK 3+ at Dukovany NPP.

Enefit Green's electricity production grew three and a half times over the first half of the year

Июля 23, 2019

Eesti Energia's renewable energy company Enefit Green produced 626 gigawatt-hours of electricity in the first six months of 2019, which is 449 GWh or three and a half times more than a year ago.

NOVATEK and Atomenergomash Sign Memorandum on Localizing Fabrication of LNG Equipment

Июля 11, 2019

NOVATEK and JSC Atomenergomash, a Mechanical Engineering Division of the Rosatom State Corporation, signed a Memorandum on Strategic Partnership and Localizing the Fabrication of Critical Equipment for LNG Production.

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