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The World's Leading Uranium Producer

Февраля 20, 2014

The paradox of Kazakhstan is that being one of the global leaders in explored uranium reserves, the country has no domestic nuclear power plant. However, if we go back in time, it is worth to say that the world’s first commercial fast reactor was manufactured in Kazakhstan. And in the long view, there is promising background for development of domestic nuclear power industry.

Energy efficiency in Swiss style

Января 31, 2014

Is it possible to increase productivity without increasing power consumption? How to use rationally heat produced in the production process? Is it possible to reduce heating costs for administrative offices without compromising comfort? Is it necessary to create own commercial power park for economy?

35kV. Directions for Development

Января 17, 2014

Lately, much more interest has been sparked in 35 kV substations. Due to growing capacity of electric power networks, they replace 10 kV substations more and more often. Our experts have described the most popular types of package transformer substations, basic equipment selection principles, and other market trends.

From Vorkuta to Velikie Luki : an acute shortage turning into a surplus

Октября 19, 2010

North-West region of Russia as a whole is considered to be energy deficient, and aims to develop alternative sources of energy such as wind farms in the Kaliningrad region, and radical solutions of the issues of deficit by building nuclear power plants, for example, NPP-2 in the Leningrad region.

Power sales: from monopoly to competition and back

Сентября 30, 2010

As the result of market reform we ought to have marketable power sales. it has to be a highly competitive segment of the power system. Ideal has not been reached. Today, in the regions 60-90% of electricity comes to retail consumers through guaranteeing suppliers (GS). The logic embodied in the reform, the proportion of GS in the market should be gradually reduced, and the proportion of independent sales - to rise. Until recently this process, albeit slowly, but go on. Now, however, we can see the prerequisites for turning in the direction of the market monopolization.

In assist to prospector

Мая 04, 2010

Most of the mineral deposits which are being operated now in Russia, has been explored decades ago. The cost of extracting raw materials from them increases, as well as the relevance of search, exploration and detailed exploration of new deposits.

Conscious selection of AIMS CEPA provider

Апреля 29, 2010

Julia Magomedova, Director of Technical Department of Engineering Center "ENERGOAUDITKONTROL"

Protector is on the defence of metal

Апреля 07, 2010

The advantages of galvanic protection of pipelines and reservoirs: ease of installation, efficiency, profitability, independence from the current source, the possibility of local customization. As a result, a useful metal construction serves long, and corrosion destroys an inexpensive renewed protector.

The market of transformers: preparing for growth

Февраля 24, 2010

The market transformers has enormous potential. But the real growth will begin not earlier than in one year. In this difficult period producer must not only endure, but learn new technologies and models. Otherwise, you will have a chance not to keep up with the springing up market.

Energy complex of the Middle Urals: from a reactor on fast neutrons up to energy saving.

Декабря 18, 2009

Sverdlovsk Region has always been and remains to be the energy surplus region. With total installed capacity of regional objects generation is 9000 MW, electrical load of Sverdlovsk powersystem does not exceed 7000 MW. But long-term prospects of growth of energy consumption by enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, builders, utilities require advanced development of generation and networks. The largest investment projects are in this sphere – construction of reactor BN-800 on the Beloyarsk atomic power station and PGU-410 MW with the turbine of 4-th generation on Sredneuralskaya TPP.

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